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The Multiplayer Brickbreaker

10k nft collection Coming April 14th

Mightemoji is an NFT project to support the development of our multiplayer brickbreaker game and large-budget iOS app that was launched successfully after our 3-year development span.

Our app is currently in Beta and can be launched quickly for iOS. We are raising funds for promotion and development for Android & Web browser versioning.

Break Bricks And BATTLE!!!

Our Key Features

Our Key features

Tweet 2 Reveal

Tweet Out #Mightemoji & You Can Win A Rare or Legendary NFT From Our Raffles!

Launched iOS App

Finished iOS App from a 3 year development cycle.

Full Multiplayer Brickbreaker

The Original And Oldest NFT Marketplace Online

Unique Member Bonuses

Unique Member bonuses & events – NFT Owner’s name changes affect in-game emojis globally.

Visa & Mastercard Fiat Currency Support

Multiple Crypto’s Supported When Purchasing On Our Dapp Along With Visa & Mastercard

Security + Low Cost Gas Fees

Polygon Linked To Ethereum Guarantees comes with Gas of $0.03 vs $3-5 for Eth.

More About the game!

Future of  Mightemoji

Find Out More About Our Multiplayer Brickbreaker Game

Mightemoji is a brickbreaker style game with a number of awesome features, designed to be played in multiplayer – but a fully fledged AI has also been made for its single-player campaign.

Mightemoji features an elemental design system, weapons system and mana functionality in-game – scroll to find out more!



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