Mightemoji Team NFT Project Disclaimer

NFT Ownership Disclaimer 

The purchaser of the NFT understands, acknowledges, and agrees that it is acquiring title to it solely for personal, non-commercial purposes, and that it shall have no authority, right, title or interest in, to or in connection with the underlying copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property or proprietary rights in and to the NFT, all of which remain solely and absolutely with the seller. In addition to the foregoing, the purchaser of the NFT understands, acknowledges, and agrees that it has no rights of reproduction or commercial exploitation of the NFT or the underlying copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property or proprietary rights in and to the NFT, other than the right to sell, trade, donate, give away, or transfer the NFT itself. If at any time you sell, trade, donate, give away, or transfer the NFT to a new owner, title to the NFT shall be transferred to that new owner in accordance with the terms hereof, and you will have no further rights in or to the NFT.


Intellectual Property

Mightemoji intellectual property including but not limited to its brand, characters, story and developments is solely owned by its creators.

Awareness of Risks.

You warrant that you understand that NFT projects are inherently highly risky and speculative. They are unregulated, in an early stage of development, with experimental software and business models, no governmental protection of your purchase, dramatic price volatility, the strong potential for inadequate documentation, and a high risk of fraud.


You should only purchase NFTs if you have substantial technical knowledge and understand the specifics of the offering. Careful due diligence should be undertaken on the projects, network, tokens, and team behind any NFT, token sale or ICO. You must understand that your purchase may not result in a usable or valuable NFT or token.


You are encouraged to consider the advice of and warnings about the significant risks of this sector (including the risk of loss of value and of fraud) published by the following jurisdictions:


USA – https://www.sec.gov/oiea/investor-alerts-and-bulletins/ib_coinofferings


UK – https://www.fca.org.uk/news/statements/initial-coin-offerings


Europe – https://www.esma.europa.eu/press-news/esma-news/esma-highlights-ico-risks-investors-and-firms


You warrant that you understand that this list includes all possible risks.


Limitations of Liability for Gas, Failed Transactions, Smart Contract Bugs

Participants in minting Mightemoji NFTs agree to hold the project Creative Team harmless for any losses incurred as a consequence of minting an NFT. These potential losses include any gas fees for failed transactions, any excessive gas fees charged due to website or smart contract bugs, and any loss of any NFT due to website or smart contract bugs.



No Guarantees or Future Promises

While the Mightemoji Team has released a roadmap outlining future goals and plans for community development, we cannot guarantee to accomplish every item outlined during the pre-launch planning phase as ideas and projects evolve organically. You agree that your purchase of a Mightemoji NFT from our initial launch of 10000 NFTs is all you are guaranteed to receive with your initial purchase, whether through primary or secondary channels. Any future benefits are ancillary to this purchase and not to be taken into consideration with your initial purchase. You agree that you are not relying on any future commitments by Mightemoji Team in participating in our NFT launch.


No Guarantees of Value

Mightemoji NFTs were created purely as collectibles, not as investment vehicles or substitutes for cryptocurrency. We make no guarantees that NFTs will subsequently retain monetary value in fiat, cash or cryptocurrency.




Each Holder is solely responsible for any tax liabilities which may arise, be imposed, or enforced by the holder’s country of residence as a result of minting or reselling Mightemoji NFTs.



Class Action Waiver, Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

You agree to waive any class action status. Any legal dispute pertaining to the Mightemoji NFT projects which you may choose to bring can only be done on an individual basis.


Experimental Technologies

Certain transactions, including but not limited to primary sales, secondary market sales, listings, offers, bids, acceptances, and other operations through the Website utilize experimental smart contract and blockchain technology, including non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, consensus algorithms, and decentralized or peer-to-peer networks and systems. Holders acknowledge and agree that such technologies are experimental, speculative, and inherently risky. Holders acknowledge and agree that the NFTs may be subject to bugs, malfunctions, timing errors, hacking and theft, or changes to the protocol rules of the Ethereum blockchain (i.e., “forks”), which can adversely affect the smart contracts and may expose you to a risk of total loss, forfeiture of your digital currency or NFTs, or lost opportunities to buy or sell NFTs. The Mightemoji team assumes no liability or responsibility for any such smart contract or related failures, risks, or uncertainties.


Bonus and rewards

From time to time Mightemoji Team will distribute bonuses and awards to Holders. It’s the Holders responsibility to inform themselves and comply with their own country of residence’s laws and requirements. The Mightemoji Team may not be held responsible for Holders breaking investment and tax laws.



Disclaimers subject to change

The sale or use of NFTs or virtual coins could be prohibited under applicable securities law. It is possible that existing regulations could be applied, or new regulations could be enacted, affecting blockchain technology-based applications and sales of NFTs or virtual coins such that any aspect of NFT projects could be negatively affected, requiring its modification or discontinuance and potentially resulting in the loss of tokens or token value.


In an effort to always be as compliant as possible with new practices, The Mightemoji Team reserves the right to adapt and adjust these disclaimers, practices, promises and roadmap at any time it deems necessary.


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