Fire NFT Collection Generation 1

About Our NFT Release

What is Mightemoji Fire Collection Gen 1?

Mightemoji Fire collection is a collection of our Mightemoji's, used to bounce around the scren and destroy bricks in our multiplayer brickbreaker game.

Our fully developed and highly dynamic brickbreaker game has many working features:

- A 5-type elemental system

- 12 special effects powerups such as magnet, bomb, and acid.

- Many in-game weapons such as crossbow, grenade, rocket launcher, you attach to your paddle to damage the opponent in-game!

What is The Mint Date & The Supply?

14 April, 2023 - 10,000

Why Our NFTs Are Exceptional For Members?

NFT ownership is linked in our Smart Contract to the Mightemoji Game.

Owners will be able to change the names of their NFTs on our website.

The names of their NFTs will be updated for all of the identical Mightemoji's used universally in-game -name-changes will be approved by mods.

How Many Future NFT Collections Will There Be?

There will be 5 more collections in Generation 1 after the Fire collection. 4 Elemental, 1 of Special Effects

How Can I Get On The Allowlist/Whitelist?

Take part in partnerships, Twitter giveaways, contribute to the growth of the project.

Copyright & IP Ownership?

We own in full all copyright, graphic art, animations & code.

All media is subject to copyright & must not be replicated without permission.

Is Mightemoji Live? When will it be published?

No. Our app was previously live but needs updating to the latest iOS.

Our game must be integrated with the new Mightemoji graphics made for our collections and will be published after all Gen 1 Collections are minted.

We intend to also develop Mightemoji for Web & Android!


Our NFT Features

Polygon Chain - Low Gas Fees

Polygon Linked To Ethereum Guarantees comes with Gas of $0.03 vs $3-5 for Eth.

15+ Development Team

Our 3 Year development cycle incorporated several devs and a dozen graphic artists and musicians.


Polygon is linked to Ethereum and comes with the same anti-hack features that makes Eth #1

9bn+ Trait Combinations

Mightemoji’s Fire Collection 1 have 9bn+ possible trait combinations, from over 425 Traits, making it one of the richest NFT collections.

Rarity Groups

Preset categories based on rarity with frames and rarity symbols.

Future Generations

We plan on 3 generations of Mightemoji’s. Future generations will be animated and used in-game.

releasing april 14th 2023!


200 Mightemoji Possible Fire Skins are possible from 450+ Traits to be chosen from


NFTs Generated from 9 Billion+ Possible Combinations

Price: 50 MATIC


Uncommon Mightemoji's Come With Rarer Skins, Backgrounds & More


There Are 30 Backgrounds That Change With Rarity

Price: 200 MATIC


Borders & Symbols Change Depending On Rarity Category.


Rare Mightemoji's Feature Under 5% Of The Collection

Price: 800 MATIC


Members NFT Name Changes Will be Reflected For All Mightemoji's In-Game!


Around 1% Of NFTs Are Legendary

Price: 3125 MATIC


2025 Generation 3 NFT Collections

Five Fully Animated Mightemoji Collections

2024 Generation 2 NFT Collections

Five Partially Animated Mightemoji Collections

January 1st 2024 - Planned Special Gen 1 Limited Collection

Generation 1 Special Effect Emojis, Weapons, Paddles & More

iOS App Release

Mightemoji App Release

December 1st 2023 - Planned Desert 10k NFT Collection G1

October 1st 2023 - Planned Earth 10k NFT Collection G1

August 1st 2023 - Planned Water 10k NFT Collection G1

June 1st 2023 - Planned Mightemoji 10k Wood Collection G1

April 9th 2023 - Mightemoji Fire Collection G1

Finalised. Four Categories: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common - 9bn+ possible combinations from 400+ traits. NFT Owner name-changes will be reflected in Mightemoji game.

Rebrand To Mightemoji - NFT Collections Begun!

NFT Collections Initiated. Mightemoji App redeveloped with focus on multiplayer gameplay.

2017-2021 Idle

Emote Empire project put on hold

2013-2016 App Development

Development began at the end of 2013, with an initial team of 3 students as a start-up at the University of Southampton.

Finished 2016 Emote Empire iOS App Launch

Live for several months garnering a great ratio of 5* reviews

App Expanded To Full AAA Size

Developed To Take On Clash of Clans at one of the UK's top Computer Sciences Universities - Home of the Internet - The Game encompassed an Isometric Map similar to Clash of Clans for Upgrading In-game Features such as weapons, Special Powers & Paddles.

A Single player map, Full AI, Tutorial, Multiplayer, Weapons system & more were developed.

Isometric map & tutorial will be trimmed in reboot - popular multiplayer gameplay is the focus.

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Mightemoji Collectable NFTs

NFT Ownership Disclaimer

Mightemoji Fire Generation 1 Collection is a collectable NFT project. Collectables are intended for personal, non-commercial purposes. 

DISCLAIMER: All NFT purchases made are collectables in conjunction with the Mightemoji games app and are not regulated as investments with any regulatory body or conduct authority.

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