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Mightemoji is a redevelopment of the app Emote Empire. A large-budget iOS app that was launched after a 3-year development span at the University of Southampton.

Our first collection – 10k Fire Generation 1 NFTs will be available on 9th of April 2023.

Project Lead


Founder, Web Developer

Business Owner & founder of Mightemoji, Will has 5+ yrs experience leading and developing at numerous software projects & companies.

Senior Blockchain Dev

Blockchain Guru

Senior Blockchain Developer

Professional Smart Contract Blockchain Developer. Managed Multiple NFT Software Projects & Developed Our Unique NFT Reservation Feature.



Frontend Web Developer

Front-end web developer and software engineer experienced with python and project management.

Web3, Smart Contract


Smart Contract Blockchain Developer

5 Yrs+ Experience Developing Smart Contracts & Web3 Solutions Predominantly for NFTs. Also a CEO in his own right.

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